Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heat Wave

I woke up this morning...stepped outside and thought I was in Hawaii. Well maybe not Hawaii (I didn't see blue water and palm trees) but the weather has taken a complete u-turn from our usual rain and wind. At 10am here in Stanwood it was 81 degrees. I believe we may have a summer after all.

Since I haven't been home much lately, I had great intentions to get lots of things done today. So far, I've disappointed myself. I did go to town and have my car washed at Eagle's Nest for their fundraiser, picked up lunch for Rick and I (it's too hot to cook), paid some bills, went to the bank and now I'm going to get started on productive stuff around the house.

But first, I want to share a little story. Yesterday, Angie's dear friend (and ours too) Shannon had a present sent to Angie, for me. It is a device called Keyfinder. Since I've been losing my keys so frequently, Shannon thought this would come in really handy. I hook one little remote in my purse and one on my key chain. When I can't find my keys, I push the button in my purse and it makes my key chain beep. It's actually really helpful. Except, this morning when I was at the bank, I stepped outside, looked for my keys and couldn't find them so I pushed the button to see where in my purse they were located and I didn't hear the beeping sound. When I looked back inside the bank, people were looking all around (as though a bomb had just been detonated) and I realized I'd left them on the counter in the bank. Long story really works but you should look a little harder for them before sounding the alarm. Thanks for my present Shannon. I hope it never gets me arrested.

I'm going to a concert tonight (Steven Curtis Chapman) with my sister in law tonight so this will probably be the only blog I write today. Enjoy the weather and don't forget to wear sunscreen.

Dreaming Big,

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