Saturday, May 03, 2008

I've finally planted flowers :)

Most of you know I'm a sunflower fanatic. But for some reason, I have to plant these daisies every year. When I look at a daisy (of any kind), somehow the corners of my mouth turn up into a smile. I hope they do for you as well. In between rain spurts, I went outside and planted a few flower pots. I also bought a huge fuchsia (named Angel Dream). Beautiful foliage, but no flowers yet. The one that was blooming however was beautiful. This one was just bigger and greener. I can wait for flowers (it gives me something to do with my time) Sometimes I buy things for their names. Like today, Jake picked out a geranium with the name of Lavender Grand Slam. I said, go ahead...throw it in my wagon, we're a baseball family. We left the plant farm with a variety of blooming beauties. Give them a few weeks and we're sure to have overflowing baskets on the porch.

My father in law is still in the hospital. Still running tests. Still no definite answers. The good part is, he's being taken care of by great nurses, and if he has a problem he's in the right place to receive care. We'll be checking in on him tomorrow after church.

Tomorrow we have our team relay for life meeting. I'm excited to see all my team mates and help get them excited about the next 3 weeks. So far, the dream teams have raised over 15,000 dollars. I'm so proud.

Rick took it easy most of the day. The fatigue he's having is a little more than he bargained for. My respiratory "thing" is feeling about the same, but I'm hoping for some improvement by tomorrow.

It's bedtime for people who are 49 and 11/12ths. Hey, that's me. Talk to you tomorrow. I'm predicting sunshine so we can mow our lawns.

Dreaming Big,

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