Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dreary Saturday Morning

I have still not planted any pots for my porch yet because the weather has been so terrible. When I woke up today it was raining (no surprise) but I'm still motivated to do it.  So today, Jake and I are going to purchase some potting plants at Jordan's Nursery.  They are a little nursery close to our house and they sell out so fast if you don't get there within the first few weeks everything is gone.  They just opened last weekend, so I think I'm still safe.

Rick's dad went into the hospital again yesterday.   With Rick feeling so fatigued from this last round of chemo, and with my cough and respiratory stuff going on, we stayed away from the hospital yesterday.  If we're feeling better tonight we may go down and visit.  I think the best thing for Rick's dad is REST right now and with a room full of visitors, it defeats the purpose.  The problem is trying to get his heart beat regulated.  It's just seems to be working overtime, all the time.  I hope the doctors can get this figured out soon because he's not very good at being a patient.  He's a much better farmer. 

My hip aching again must know I'm slowing approaching 50.  Isn't that something that aches on old people?  I don't know, I'm not there yet.  :)  But, I'll soon find out.  

I'd better go now and get some work done around here.  You'd think with all my time off I would be organized and have all my wifely duties completed by the weekend.  Not!  

Only 27 days 'til Relay..."There's no place like hope"

Dreaming Big,

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