Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Belated May Day

Most of my time yesterday was spent with Rick's dad at the doctor's office. He still isn't feeling well since his hospital stay. It's always a little draining to sit and wait for answers . The doctor said what he's experiencing is side effects from his new medicines. When you're 83, German and a little impatient it's even harder to sit around and wait for results.

I found a May Day basket of flowers on my porch after my busy day yesterday. What a wonderful way to brighten an afternoon. We should encourage Hallmark to make that a new holiday (because we don't have enough reasons to buy a card as it is). "Happy 1st day of whatever month it is.

When I got up this morning I had a raspy voice and a deep cough. I'm going to lay low today and rest. Well, that's my plan...but you know how plans change?

Rick's sensitive hands and feet have been the worst they've ever been during this round of chemo. As long as they stay warm he can tolerate it. With my hot flashes and him needing heat...we're a great combination.

Happy Friday :)

Dreaming Big,

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