Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2 Year Scan Report (sounds official doesn't it?)

Yahoo! I hope that gave you an indication that today's appointment went well. Dr. Eaton's first words to me (us) were "the scan looks good". Nothing has changed. Everything is still there.'s stable. I couldn't help but ask "are you sure nothing has been shrinking?". He told us that he is the Dr. known for lowering patients expectations. I am suppose to be happy with stable he said. Tarceva has made it known that it's not preforming up to capacity, and that I am not to expect shrinkage, only stability. Are you kidding me? How can anyone be stable when they have an "oncologist"? I told him thanks and I'll see him in a month (after I've celebrated my 50th birthday and walked the RELAY). Today's appointment was my first birthday gift :)

Now for the funny stuff (remember how I said there is always something funny?) Today he asked if I was losing or gaining weight. I wanted to answer...."TAKE A LOOK...what do you think?" but instead I said I was "stable" but I know I need to go on a diet. His words (with the family in the room) were "I don't want you losing weight. You can get exercise by being active but no diets." Oh, shoot. Darn it. I was so looking forward to salads with no dressing.

All kidding aside, I'm thrilled with today's appointment. Even the report didn't look as scary. No mention of 36 tumors (though Dr. Eaton said they're all still there)...just, NO SUBSTANTIAL CHANGE from the March 2008 scan. All my blood work looked like I was a healthy person (which I am, minus the lung cancer stuff).

Thank you for all your prayers and hugs these past few days. I felt every one of them.

Dream Team members...don't forget we have a meeting at my house this Sunday at 6:00 ish. Please bring any money you have to turn in, I'll help you post it to your account. Thanks!

I've added a couple of photos of the before and after Dor. The skinny one (with the superman shirt) was me a few days after my diagnosis before Tarceva. The plump, happy one is me this past weekend on the Oregon Coast, after a Blue Moon beer and some clam chowder (oh, and Tarceva)

Dreaming Bigger than EVER,


Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!! This is awesome news!!! Gotta love it!!!
Kathy Hill

Anonymous said...

All I can say after this news is PRAISE THE LORD!!
love ya, Aunt Pammy

Jessi Edelbrock said...

You look way to skinny in the first picture... Keep up with the goodies, Your smile is worth a Thousand words, happy to hear the good news....

Love jessi

Anonymous said...

I think you look great, you need to smile. Take care!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to him, Amen.

Anonymous said...

We LOVE stable (and YOU)!
Keep up the good work and ENJOY!

CFCina said...

YAHOO on the great news! Stable is GREAT!

Take care and keep Dreaming Big!!!

~ Kathy C. (A Relay friend in Oregon)

Anonymous said...

I knew you would have good news. See you VERY soon.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Life is good! You look great...keep up the positive outlook!

We will be thinking of you as we walk the track at our Relay on your birthday too!

From your fellow Relayers on the sunny side of the state!