Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo

After what appeared to be a long drawn out day waiting for new prescriptions, Rick and I met his sister and brother in law for a Cinco De Mayo celebration at Amigos. We had a great time...until Rick, Vickie and Tom left and I stopped to say hello to a bunch of kids who graduated from Stanwood over the years. When I got to my car, my keys were missing so I spent the next 45 minutes emptying my purse, backtracking my way through the restaurant, taking the booth apart, to no avail. I believe the keys have been abducted by aliens. Rick had to come back over to the restaurant and bring me his keys. Hopefully, I'll get a call tomorrow from someone at Amigo's after they were turned in. Keep your fingers crossed. Otherwise, I'll have to lock and unlock my car with a key. Ugh!

Happy Anniversary to Jeff and Dawn (my brother in law and sister in law). Just remember, love makes the world go round. So keep spinning :)

I'm on an antibiotic to try and get rid of this crud in my chest. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better by tomorrow when I take Rick's dad to the Cardiologist. He's still in the hospital, but Vickie and I are hoping to pick him up and take him to his appointment so we can learn what's really going on with his health. I'll keep you posted as we learn something.

Keep dreaming big,

P.S. Best of luck this week, Carolyn. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

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Bo said...

Thanks for all the information on your website. I have lung cancer as well, and it is nice to see such good attitudes! Thanks for all you do for lung cancer. I raise money as well - check out if you feel like it. Best wishes

Bo Johnson