Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Hump Day

We had a pretty good day yesterday when it came to Rick's dad. We got him out of the hospital, met his new cardiologist (who was fantastic), had a couple of doctor's appointments and got him on his new schedule. It has to be hard when you're 83, independent, and still want to be active ~ for someone to say, you need to take all these pills (which is our biggest battle with him), don't push yourself, change your diet, etc.... We're working on a game plan to make this new lifestyle as easy as possible for him.

I had a wonderful massage yesterday before I started the rest of my hectic day. Today, I'll be trying acupuncture for the first time. I've been reading up and by the sounds of it, acupuncture is good for overall health. I could use a little of that.

While doing a little lung cancer research over the past few days, I discovered a darling little 10 year old girl with rare childhood lung cancer, and a 32 year old new dad who had stage 4 lung cancer (like mine) who moved so he could be close to a transplant hospital in case some lungs became available to him. (I've been told that cancer patients don't make good transplant patients...but he fought hard for what he believed in). He now has a healthy set of lungs in his chest and looks like he's doing really well. From the onset of my diagnosis, I've read some horrific stories about how grim lung cancer can be...but the truth is...we need to show the world that there is HOPE no matter what kind of cancer you have. Which brings me to relay (again). We only have 23 days until the big day (and I do mean big). So, if you're not involved yet, put on your ruby red slippers and slide down our rainbow...we promise, you'll have a great time.

Dreaming Big,

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