Thursday, May 08, 2008

Chemo Eve,

I followed my own advice today and just did things I needed to get done.  We are down in Seattle for the night since Rick has an early morning chemo.   It's so nice to stay at "Hotel Melana" (that's what I like to call it). 

This week is the big garage sale in Angie's neighborhood.  I'm hoping to go over to her house on Wednesday and help her get pricing done, make signs, price tags....It may seem like a big pain in the patootie but after looking at some of the items that have been dropped off this is going to be one successful Relay Fundraiser.  While Angie is at work on Friday, Shannon and I are going to sell anything that isn't nailed down.  If you see Angie, please don't mention it :)

I'm very sleeping tonight and I really need to get some sleep for tomorrow.  When I get home from Seattle; Megan, her mom and I are going to meet our friend Judi who is a wedding consultant and go over some ideas for December.  I know it seems like a long time away, but I know better....we'll turn around and it will be here.

I'm so sleepy tonight I'd better to bed.  Tomorrow morning at 6:00am comes very early.  Ugh!

Dreaming Big,

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