Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bad Day

Chemo is poison.  Today was a sure sign of that.  For the past 16 months, Rick has been having treatment with very little side effects.  He's been fatigued, has pain in his hands and feet, had a little problem with low blood counts, but always says he's "pretty good".  This afternoon I left Seattle Cancer Care with a sick husband and a puke bucket.  We didn't make it home before he was throwing up along side the freeway.  Since we arrived home at 2:00pm  he's been in bed.  Tonight he finally ate a little something and was able to keep it down.    Today, I really hate cancer.   Hate is a strong word, but cancer is a strong disease.

My appointment went fine.  I'm going to have an MRI of my hip in the next week or so, then a scan next month.  For now, I have my work cut out taking care of my honey.

This evening Pam met me at my house where we worked on Relay stuff for a few hours.  Rick's cousins Jennifer and Andrea have been helping us behind the scenes and tonight they brought over adorable gift bags and Wizard of Oz prize tags.  I'm amazed at how generous people are.  I can't wait to share their goodies with all of you.

This afternoon when Angie left work, she came to the house and worked for hours doing jobs around the house that I really needed to do.  I really appreciate her help and love....more than she'll ever know.  :)

I've got a birthday party to attend tomorrow morning with my fellow secretaries.  The party starts at 7:00am...Are these girls crazy?  Who has a party at 7:00am?

Dreaming Big,

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