Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

I never like being on the road during a busy holiday like Memorial Day, so we always try to leave pretty early in the morning to come home from wherever we are. Sometimes we extend the holiday and stay one extra day to avoid the traffic all together. This time, chemo stopped us from doing that. That's ok, we have plenty of work to do before the weekend.

I've had lots of e-mails from many of you regarding my garage sale find. The photo I attached doesn't do justice for the house. It really is a great fit for us. I can't wait to finalize the deal. Someone asked me to attach a photo of our house that we'll be selling. I've attached a photo, but if you're interested in being our next door neighbors... you might want to let us know soon as it seems others are interested as well!

Perhaps it's from riding in the car so much, or the weeding we did over at Desert Aire...whatever the reason, my hip is really aching tonight. I've found as long as I keep moving, it feels better.

Last night Rick's aunt, uncle and cousins gave me a little birthday party, with cake, pies and a BBQ. It was a perfect evening except for the part when the sprinklers went off and everyone was sitting in the yard. It was pretty funny to see how fast everyone moved when they were next to a sprinkler head. It was REALLY funny now that I think about it because I was standing on the porch and never got wet.

Tomorrow will be another long day in Seattle. I'll do my best to write a blog and let you know how things went.

Dreaming Big,


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