Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rick's Test Results

According to Rick's oncologist, Dr. Whiting...the results are good. Here's what he had to say: Nothing has changed. All the tumors in his lungs, liver, lymph nodes are all where they were 2 months ago and they are all the same size. The good part is, NOTHING is BIGGER. As long as his body can tolerate the FOLFOX chemo cocktail, he'll continue to do it every other week.

We were hoping for some shrinkage but Dr. Whiting explained that it's only been 2 months with this new chemo so he wasn't surprised to see everything looking the same. Rick was a little down when we left the Cancer Care Alliance, so he came home and mowed the grass. A little lawn therapy is just what he was needing (that and a Dick's Deluxe hamburger on the way home).

I've gotta head out for our Relay for Life meeting. Only 5 weeks to go before our big night.

Dream Big,


CFCina said...

Nothing is bigger -- GOOD NEWS indeed! Was thinking about you guys all week....thanks for the update! ;-)

Hey, I'm glad Rick's able to move the grass...our weather has been so BLAGH - the wind was 15-25 miles per hour all day yesteray and the rain, it just keeps coming...bring the PNW a little spring weather already!

Can't wait for your Relay...we are hoping to make a trip to see my Aunt/Uncle in Anacortes that weekend, with a stop off in Stanwood to see our favorite team - -Doreen's Dream Team - while we are there.

Take care -- Keep Dreamin' Big!
~ Kathy C -- A Relay Friend in Hillsboro!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is okay - it is unusual for you not to post for a few days -your family continues to be in my prayers

A friend from Florida