Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stayed Home All Day

Rick and I got up later than usual this morning. He hurried down to Everett to get his chemo disconnected. I stayed home to get some work done. I had a bunch of phone calls, finished up some paperwork that needed my attention. Had Pam and Janeen over for lunch. Mom and Dad stopped by and played Wii this afternoon. Amy Babcock from the ACS stopped by. I made dinner, then fell asleep by 7:30.

I just woke up and remembered I didn't say hello to all my worldwide friends. So Hello! We're doing fine here at the Schmitt house. Rick's chemo side effects are a little worse this week, but still very tolerable. I took some new meds today to help with my backache. They seem to be working.

This blog sounds very boring tonight. Guess that's my clue to say Good Night.

Good Night, Sleep Tight, Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

Meeting with friends and relatives. Enjoying their company over lunch or a cup of coffee can never be boring!! I hope you are bored for years to come.

Love, Karen