Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Here's what I know...

My scan today was not what I had planned for. Though I'm still going to stay on the Tarceva, the report showed disease progression with significant increase in the size of the left lower lobe nodules (which has caused volume loss and fibrosis). They've identified 36 nodules in my lungs and the cancer is showing up attached to my Plura which may be the reason I've had such a backache lately. Some of the other nodules are slightly larger and denser but there are no new nodules so apparently I've had all those in there for some time now.

I'm not thrilled with the results, but it is what it is. My positive attitude has not changed so I will continue to fight, but I have a feeling my anxiety level will be higher than ever. I've had a rough couple of days so I think I'm going to curl up on the couch and try to relax. My Ricky will be home from work soon and I think wrapping my arms around him is exactly the medicine I need.

Enjoy your evening-


Anonymous said...

Doreen....Found this poem on the Internet and wanted to share it with you. Praying for your strength! Julie/////

"Hope" by Crystal T

Its Magic & Its Free
Its not in a prescription
Its not in a IV

It punctuates out laughter
It Sparkles in our tears
It simmers under sorrows
and Dissipates our fears

Do you know what hope is?
Its reaching past today
Its dreaming of tomorrow
Its trying a new way

Its Questioning All the Answers
And always seeking more"

CFCina said...

Sending you guys lots of hugs and positive thoughts all the way from Hillsboro, OR!!!

Keep Dreaming Big!
~ Kathy C.

Debbie M. said...

A wonderful family, with lots of Love and Hugs are sometimes better than medicine. Try to keep that beautiful smile, knowing we are all praying and thinking of you. We Love you both...
Debbie M.

Amy Schmitt said...

Mama Bear-

Here's what I know...

There are a lot of things cancer can take from us, but it can't touch our spirit, our soul, or our love for one another. No matter what happens, we will always come out on the winning side of this battle.

Keep your head up,
Hugs and Kisses-