Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spring is just around the corner

We returned from Tacoma around 6:30 last night, changed our clothes and joined friends and family to celebrate my dad's 75th birthday. His actual birthday is on 3/3/33. As you can imagine, his favorite number is 3. I'm attaching some photos from last night's gala. (Amy was at drill weekend which is why you won't see her in any of the photos). The one photo of Angie and Grandpa was taken out in his workshop. The rest of the photos are at his party. Pam brought some flashy red sunglasses that we took turns wearing to bring a little more excitement to a 75 year olds birthday.

Rick slept like a log last night. Once we got home and crawled into our own sheets, he was out like a light and didn't wake until the phone rang at 6:45am (it was Pam calling to wake me up for church). Pam and I went to the 8:30am service and when I arrived home, Rick was still out like a light. I think sometimes our adrenaline keeps us going, but when we give it a chance to slow down...we STOP. He apparently needed the rest because he's feeling refreshed tonight.

Our friends, Dave and Val stopped by to visit this afternoon. We are scheduling a little get-away with Dave, Val, Bob and Dy. The 6 of us are going to Oregon in April for a Seafood Festival. Bob and Dy have been to it before, but the rest of us haven't. I reserved a condo at Cannon Beach for us to stay in for 3 nights. I'm looking forward to some quality days with all of them (oh, and I'm also looking forward to the seafood).

Rick has all his blood work done tomorrow for chemo on Tuesday. Let's hope his counts are all in the "normal" range. While Rick is at the lab for his blood work, I'll be getting a massage. Oh, I can't wait. My massage therapist can work wonders...It feels good just thinking about it. Hopefully, by my Dr. appointment on Wednesday I won't even have to mention the backache.

The weather was beautiful again today. I'm so happy to see bulbs sprouting everywhere. I love my trips to the grocery store where each day they are putting out more displays of flowers. Before we know it, we'll be weeding flower beds and complaining about how many times a week we have to mow the lawn... So for now, I'm buying tulips and daffodils and bringing the spring inside.

Dream Big,

Tip for the day: Don't wait for a special occasion to use your good dishes. Every day is special.

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