Friday, March 21, 2008

Be Curious... and Help Raise Money

You will see Google Ads on the "Take A Little... Give A Lot" website. I signed up for them. It is an option Google gives you when you sign up for a blog. It is called "Google AdSense". Google decides which ads they want to place on my page. In return, we will receive compensation for every time you guys click on one of the links. We will be donating all proceeds to charity. We raised $7.15 on day one. It's not a lot but it should add up quick. Think about how much money Dor could have raised throughout the past two years with her blog had she signed up for it! If the adds are annoying and you think they should go away, let us know. If not, they will stay because it's an easy way to raise money for charity.

SO... if one of the ads looks interesting.... don't be afraid to CLICK ON IT!


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