Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eve

The past couple of days have been filled with friends and fun. I spent Thursday visiting with friends I hadn't seen in a while. We talked for hours then I went to an awards banquet with Angie. Friday, my friend Kim, who is back from Palm Springs spent the day with me. We chatted at home for a long time then when out for lunch and to my favorite little antique store on the island. I came home and rested for a bit until it was time to head over to the Hoops for Davis fundraiser. We always have a great time while we're there. Each year Angie has volunteered to be an official at the games (she will take bribes for the right amount of money), and this year Jake joined the forces by playing on one of the teachers teams. Jake left before the Alumni game started so Angie switched shirts and took his place. Next year Amy is going to come prepared to play in the alumni game as well. A few Schmitt's on the court at the same time never hurt any game. :)

After the game, we all went to Amigo's for a late dinner and laughter. There must have been 10 of us sitting around the table telling stories and making fun of each other. I had a great time.

Today has been pretty laid back (for me). We didn't get up until late, but Rick got right up and started cutting wood. He promised to be safe (otherwise, I'm a wreck). I was on the phone all morning playing travel agent for my sister-in-law Vickie. It will be her 25th wedding anniversary this year so I was helping her plan a romantic getaway. We've come up with a few ideas. Wherever they go, I'm sure they'll have a wonderful time. My back and hip are giving me a constant dull pain and I'm getting sick of it. If I'm up doing fun stuff I try to forget about the ache. Sometimes it works. Rick is feeling pretty good today although his appetite is very weird. I pride myself as being a good cook and he keeps requesting things like chili burgers and hamburger helper. I don't surprise him with meals anymore...I ask what sounds good first. As long as he still has an appetite I'm happy to oblige.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter tomorrow.

Dreaming Big,

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