Monday, February 11, 2008

This blog is not for tender eyes...

Today while shopping with my friend Cathy at a little store called the Spare Room on Camano Island, I ran across this you can imagine...I couldn't quit laughing. I knew it was inappropriate for household consumption, but I bought it anyway. I hope you're not offended. It seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. Laughter. Cancer is what I don't give a "&%$#" about.

When I got home from my little shopping therapy I had some visitors. Ricks' Uncle Floyd, cousin Shellee and great cousin, Landen stopped by for a little Schmitt update. It was nice to see them since we hadn't been together since last June. Too much time in between visits.

Later this afternoon I had a visit from our dear friend Amy Babcock who is also our Relay for Life Guru. She brought us some brownies and an amazing quote that I'm going to end my blog with tonight. After Amy left, we had a visit from the McCune's who delivered fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. Do you all need glasses? I do not need any more excuses to eat. Bring celery, please. Ok, Rick and Jake loved it all, my thighs and belly do not.

We're all doing pretty well for the moment. I haven't cried much today (I believe I may have cried myself dry). Anxiety has taken over now. She sits on my shoulder all day long or next to my heart. I'm sure she has a job to do...but for goodness sake, give me a break.

Thought for today: "Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it, so it goes on flying anyway".

That's how were going to handle things around here...if you don't know what you're suppose to do, you just keep doing what you've been doing that works. :) Live, Laugh, Love!

Love you more,

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Anonymous said...

Can't stop thinking about you guys and praying for you....I'm having a hard time with my words right now. Know that you are loved....