Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thanks for the Flowers

I look around our house and it is filled with flowers brought to us by friends who want to bring smiles to our faces. It's working guys.. Thank you for your kindness. These flowers represent all the beautiful things around us that we are so greatful to be a part of. We plan on being around for many years to come and pay forward your kindness.

I'm not as numb as I've been feeling lately, but my heart is so heavy...I remember the day that I was diagnosed, Rick was crying and said "I wish I could trade places with you and take this all away from you". Pretty powerful wish. I wonder where that Genie and the bottle are? We need to find it, rub it again, and get those final 2 wishes.

I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday. I guess I needed it. I try to always be "up" but sometimes we get news that's just a little too hard to swallow. Here is what we know about Rick's pathology report. Approximately 15 new lesions are found on his lungs (lungs were a new location for him), the lymph nodes in between his lungs show some additional growth. The liver shows progressive metatastic colon cancer. One of the tumors on his last CT scan measured 11mm , now measures 21mm. A brand new tumor was found and it is 9mm big. All in all, what this tells us is, Chemo lite didn't really do it's job.

We believe this next round is going to be just what the doctor ordered. We know they are going to try it for 2 months then scan him. If it still isn't working, then we go on to another chemo cocktail. Modern medicine is changing all the time. Something will work, I BELIEVE!

Dreaming Big,

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