Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday at the Schmitt House

What a fun day I had yesterday with Pam at the Northwest Garden Show. Though I wish my yard and flower beds looked like the display ones, I still don't have a gardener so they wouldn't stay nice for very long anyway. After the garden show, we met up with our friend Shelley and had dinner, then went to a play (I convinced them to go to because it was called Laughter on the 23rd floor). The problem is, they must have had a writer's strike because it wasn't funny. Pam fell asleep on my shoulder and thought we should leave at intermission. Shelley and I convinced her we should stay a little longer because we were sure it was going to get funnier. We were wrong. The play really should have been called, "Where's the humor on the 23rd floor"...Ugh! I still had a great time and we'll laugh about it for months to come.

Thanks to some special people, I'm up over my $1,000 mark for Relay for Life. You know who you are ~ Thanks! We're still looking for teams, survivors and volunteers. Call me if you're interested in getting involved. 360-629-4398.

We are having another beautiful day in Stanwood. I can't wait for the flowers to start blooming and the hummingbirds to start hanging around my windows. Rick is outside working right now (feeling great, so he says). I'm just being Suzie Homemaker, doing odd jobs and making split pea soup. Yesterday at the garden show I bought some new clippers so I'm heading outside to clip some stuff before it gets too dark.

Love you more than America loves baseball, hot dogs and apple pie....

Dreaming Big,

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