Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Pammy

Here's wishing my very dear friend Pam a very happy 47th birthday (for the 14th consecutive year). Every year I feel like I'm the one who gets the better end of this deal. Your friendship is the greatest gift anyone could ask for.

I forgot to mention that on Friday morning before Pam and I left for Seattle, we stopped by the elementary school Jacob was working at that day. It just so happened he was subbing in the classroom where Pam's son is doing his student teaching. We brought donuts for the whole class and the office staff.

Rick has been feeling great the past few days. Knowing he's feeling good, makes my days better too. Other than a backache...we're almost perfect.

Amy and Angie will be celebrating their birthday later this week so tonight I'm going to spend a little mom time with them. Sometimes I find myself going non-stop with everyone but my kids. I know they're not little anymore but they still need me and I clearly need them.

Love you more,

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