Friday, February 15, 2008

No Talking...Please!

I just returned from a doctors visit with my Otolaryngologist (throat doctor) at the University of Washington. Amy attended this visit with me. I had a return visit with him for a couple of reasons. One, it was a follow up from my last visit. And the second reason was because I've progressively been feeling more and more restricted around my lower throat area. So, during my visit, they numbed up my throat (through my nose, not one of my favorite procedures) and stuck a camera down my nose to look for anything suspicious. What they discovered was that my vocal cord region is still very inflamed and swollen. Dr. Meriati and his associates spoke with me about the reasons this continued to happen and solutions to fixing the problem (without surgery). First and foremost, it's all happening because I cough. I cough, because I have lung cancer. Therefore, the cough is probably not going away. So they've decided to take a different route. The specialists would like me to stop talking for at least 2 days (seriously...are they kidding) and see if the hypersensitivity and swelling of my throat gets better. If it does, then I will need to limit my talking all the time (are they kidding?) Since we can't do much about the cough, maybe we can do something with the other irritants.

When the Dr. suggested no talking, Amy laughed out loud. She said "you might as well ask her to start speaking Chinese...that might be easier for her to do". I did not find humor in this. (ok, maybe a little). They gave me buttons to wear that say "I am on voice rest. Therefore, I can't speak. Thank you. " He told me the best solution would be to go rest in a cave for a few days. They all laughed. I did not. I have much to say. It might not be important. But I do have a lot of words that pass through my lips daily.

I'm going to do my best to try and fix this. It will be hard. As a matter of fact, it may be impossible. But, I'm up for the challenge. So, at this time, it's with my deepest regrets that I ask you NOT to call me or talk to me if you see me anywhere. Well, actually there's nothing wrong with your throat, I guess you can talk to me...but I can't talk back. Amy thinks this might be a good time for me to learn how to listen better. I think if she were younger, I'd ground her.

So, here is my solution. E-mail. E-mail. E-mail. (except now I'll have to worry about getting Carpel Tunnel ~ just kidding).

If only I knew sign language? Well, I do but most of it is inappropriate.

Love you more than all the words I'll be holding back for the next couple of days...

Dreaming quietly,


Anonymous said...

Doreen, you had me laughing after reading your "No Talk" for two day blog! LOL, I'm betting you can't do it!! Pat ;)
P.S. Susie and I are at D.A. and we walked around today and all looks well at your house :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Doreen,

Can you still Wii? Although, laughing may not be quite the rest you need either...I am up for it when you're ready!!

Love, Allison

Anonymous said...

I know I only met you for one day, but I'm laughing at how impossible that will be for you! All I can say is good luck, and I'm sure your family will take advantage of saying things to you when they know you can't talk back! Good luck!

East Clark County RFL in Camas, WA