Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day ..better late than never

I had big plans for Valentine's Day with my honey. He would go to work. I would go to lunch with Janeen then run some errands. He would come home from work, then take me to dinner. After dinner, I would be taking him to see RAMBO. Now, for some of you that doesn't sound very romantic, but if the one you love...likes RAMBO movies then that is what you do for them. One small problem. I didn't call the theater and they got new movies today. RAMBO was no longer one of our choices.

Like all good plans in life, sometimes they change. So instead:

Dinner was good. My company was fantastic. We rented a movie. And, we're still in love.

Hope your Valentine's Day was filled love and dark chocolate (mine was)

Dreaming Big,

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