Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan (

Happy 23rd birthday Megan. Time flies when you're having fun, so savor every moment. We're excited to have you in our family.

I've decided that if I surround myself with things that keep me busy or make me smile, I can almost forget that life is not quite like I had planned.

This morning I was greeted by my old friend Kathi. We go back a long way. 7th grade. In high school we were nearly inseperable. Though many years have gone by, we've made new friends, only send e-mails every once in a while, and we hardly every see one another...but when we got together today it was as though time stood still and we picked up on the last conversation we had. We are still very much alike when it comes to loving our children and husband. We still laughed at the things we thought were funny way back when, we tried to forget some of the things we thought were funny, and we savored each minute we spent together. Kathi is one of those people who without her I would not be woman I am today. I am certain of that. My younger years with Kathi are some of the sweetest memories I have. One of the best parts of her visit today was the package she brought me. I'll attach photos later. It is a box of instruments to help me get rid of frustrations. It included goggles, a hammer, gloves, a pillow case, and a box full of old china and glasswear. The object of this therapy is to put a piece of glasswear in the pillow case and smash it with the hammer until you feel better or your arm starts to hurt. It was the perfect gift.

Tonight we went to the Stanwood/Mariner boys basketball district game. What a barn burner. Stanwood ended up winning in overtime. They play again on Saturday but I think we'll be missing it. Angie officiates at her old college and we want to see her in action. Priorities.

Amy had dinner with us tonight (I took too much out and she happened to stop by - it worked out perfectly for all of us).

It's getting late so I'm heading off for my beauty sleep. Ok, it's just sleep...but there's no hurt in trying.

Dreaming Big,

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