Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Relay Motivational Speech

I've been spending much of my time motivating other teams and other communities ~ all the while...I forgot to motivate my own group. Yesterday, Amy noticed that the Dream Team was in 2nd place for fundraising so far this year (1st place loser as she called it). So, she sent an e-mail out to encourage our team to jump back into 1st place. Well, we did it. So far, we're about $500 over the team below us. I love being a part of a group of women who are so strong in their commitments. Thanks for your efforts. I plan on having a team meeting in the next month, so if you plan on being on a team, please sign up soon. Now is a perfect time to send memos out to those people who have supported you in the past and those who want to start helping you in your fundraising efforts. If you want to join me in my fundraising endeavors you can donate online by logging into my Relay for Life page at: (if you can't click on the link, just copy and paste it and it will get you where you need to be)


Thank you in advance for your support. Remember, we are always looking for more volunteers. If you or someone you know would like to get involved, give me a call, or drop me an e-mail and I'll pass it on to "my people". Also, we've set a goal of having 150 survivors join us in our survivor lap, so if you know of a cancer survivor who wants to be a part of this amazing event, have them get in touch with me as well.

I had a nice lunch today with my former (not OLD) boss, Jim Piccolo. It was nice to catch up on each others families. These are some of the things that I miss the most about work.

Rick has chemo again on Thursday. This is his last chemo for this round...next week he goes back in for a scan to see how well this treatment has been working. I'm still feeling achy on my side from what seems like a a shingles relapse. My friend Ann brought me some cream (made out of hot chili peppers) to rub on my skin. So far, it's made a difference in the sensitivity of my skin. I still feel some pain, but nothing like I did last night.

I've got a speech and a slide show to work on before Thursday. So, I'd better say good bye for now.

Love you more than all the frozen puddles in the Northwest.

Dreaming big,

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CFCina said...

Thanks for the reminder to get working on our FUNdraising efforts and making the ask.

Hope Rick's chemo goes well Thursday. Hope that hot chili pepper cream keeps working on your side!

Thinking of you guys & your family often! Keep Dreaming Big!

~ Kathy C.
A frozen friend (wearing her sunglasses and smiling) in Hillsboro, OR