Sunday, January 27, 2008

Peaceful Weekend

Some of the best weekends I ever have are the ones when I don't even get in the car and leave the house. This weekend was one of them. Today I never left my bathrobe and slippers. I did however, clean out my dresser drawers and collected a garbage bag full of clothes to take to Goodwill, cleaned out the SUV, ironed a bunch of shirts and got lots of little jobs done that I was hoping to do this coming week (so now I have more time to play).

When I woke up this morning I discovered the ground was covered in white. The snow quickly dissolved...but at least my wish came true. I think we all need a little snow every once in a while. It helps us tolerate the days that are just plain cold. It's our gentle reminder that it's winter.

It was Ellen's 50th birthday yesterday. I never made it to her birthday show and she probably won't make it to mine. So, I guess I'll have to set another day to meet up with her. Perhaps, next fall. Autumn in California is beautiful.

In my spare time this weekend (wait, it was all spare time) I cut Angie's, Rick's and Jake's hair. If anyone has seen my hair lately, you'd say I should have gotten in line. I'm the one who needed it the most. If I don't get a haircut soon, you can start calling me Sasquatch.

I thought I was completely over the sinus/cold/stuffy head disorder. I was wrong. It's back. I hope I'm symptom free or I'll be wearing my mask and gloves again for Rick's scan on Thursday. This will be the first scan since Rick has been on Chemo Lite. We're hoping it's still doing it's job. I believe!

I'd better call it a night. I'm ready to head off to bed and watch the end of Extreme Home Makeover (I haven't cried in a couple of days and that show is always sure to bring on some tears).

Enjoy your Super Bowl week and don't place any illegal bets (I had to say that since Amy is a Special Agent with the Gambling Commission), and if you do...I hope you win.

Dreaming Big,

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Diana said...

Doreen and Rick,
I wanted to send you my very best wishes for Rick's scan on Thursday. I know exactly how the days before "big" scans feel because I too have filled my 21st bottle of Tarceva and am a patient of Dr. Eaton. Leslie Anderson gave me your name but I have waited to contact you until our whole family made it through the flu season. We made it! I remain very healthy, happy, and optimistic and am sure that the love and humor that you are using to approach your cancer is also what is keeping me strong. I'd love to get together with you and see if there is anything else that we are doing that has given us this gift of life. If you're interested, please email me at or call me at 206-255-0642 (my cell phone--it only works when I plug it in:).
To life and love!
Diana Lindsay