Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Simply Amazed

For the past few days I've been wondering and worrying about what I'll to do about going back to work now that I have fulfilled my 90 consecutive days of sick leave. I knew I needed to make some decision about what I would do once winter break was over...but today I learned that my generous friends and co-workers have extended my sick leave and I don't need to think about making any changes in my life for now. How can you every re-pay someone for this kind of gift? I hope that my family and I can continue to pay this kindness forward.

Amy is home now from the flood lands. She's not sure if she'll be called up again but if she can be released from her job, she'll head out again to help where she can. She sounded exhausted tonight when I talked to her but she also sounded proud to have helped.

It's official. Jake has finished his student teaching. He should have his teaching certificate by Monday. Now, he can start subbing and applying for jobs. He's excited to be done with school for the time being.

I'm heading to bed now feeling a weight lifted off my shoulders. For now my job can be to keep living, loving and laughing. I can worry about my job a little later. I have a few ideas to keep myself busy, starting with volunteering. Remember...pay it forward.

Dreaming Big,

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