Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Taco Tuesday for Dor

I spent the evening at Mom and Dad's house tonight. It is always nice to catch up with them and I am guaranteed to get a yummy dinner as a bonus. I have been bugging Mom for over a week to cut and color my hair and tonight she finally did it. I think she got tired of listening to me tell her that I was going to go to Hair Masters. It looks great Mom, thanks!

Mom went to work this morning for an hour or so, then met her buddies at Taco Time for lunch. Their lives get so busy sometimes that they forget about the events that really bring them joy...Like Taco Tuesday :) I am happy to know that she got out of the house and did something fun for a change.

Dad seems to be moving slowly tonight. I am not sure if it is his feet that hurt or if he is just feeling sore all over but it certainly shows. If I were to ask him how he feels, he would give his typical answer, "Pretty good". He never complains so I wouldn't expect him to start now.

I hope you have all found a way to educate others about Lung Cancer Awareness Month. If not, you still have the rest of the week to make it happen!

Dreaming Big and Loving Life...


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Janeen said...

I'm so happy you were at Taco Tuesday with us. Wasn't it nice to have Eric there to make tacos for the "Angels"? He's almost as good as Kristen. (I hope you read this, Kristen!)
Love you more than all the tacos made at Taco Time!!!!