Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Memo~

I stayed home all day and visited with my dear friend Kim who is home from Palm Springs. We talked and laughed (and cried) for hours. ( I also showed her how to Wii) It was really nice to get together with her again since it had been so long. She is a sweetheart and I'm glad to be her friend.

Rick has been awfully quiet lately. That usually happens at the end of his chemo round. Hopefully, he'll be his old self again by next week. I think I'm on the mend from this bronchitis. However, by 8:00 every night, I'm exhausted (even if I haven't done anything). Oh well. Rest is good for the soul.

Jake is getting ready to finish up with his student teaching...(he has parent/teacher conferences this week). Then, he can start looking for a real job that pays :) Most people don't realize that when people are doing their student teaching, they don't get paid and they have to pay the college they are getting their degree from to be advised during this time. It's all worth it in the end.

Angie officiated her first high school girls basketball game of the year tonight. She always seems so excited when she gets back in the swing of things. Rick and I usually try to catch her in action (proud referee parents) during the season.

Amy stopped by tonight for Monday night football, to give her dad a foot rub and to tell me how much she loved me.

I'm going into the office tomorrow morning (because they need me...or so they say) then to lunch with my Taco Tuesday Buddies. Even though my week looks pretty open, I'm going to stay close to home and try to work on getting healthy.

Gotta go now. Dishes to do before I go to bed :(

Dreaming Big,

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