Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday thoughts

Another successful Seahawk Sunday came and went. Angie got to go to the game in Seattle so it was just the four of us enjoying the game in the warm living room (Angie will remind me that she watched the game from the sideline and from a suite with her friend Burley....). I guess Angie got the better deal. :)

We just finished dinner (cranberry chicken with orzo and green beans...) Whenever I wear my chef's jacket, I tend to get more creative with my cooking. I really do wear a chef's jacket that I got from Megan and her parents. I'm sure they had no idea it would get so much use.

I'm really hoping that my cough gets remarkably better by tomorrow night. Janeen and I are going to the benefit concert for Noah (Amy's Air force buddy with testicular cancer). The girls are also going but they'll be joining other friends, so Janeen and I are going together. I love to spend quality time with my good friends. It's always fun to meet them for taco Tuesday but it's just not the same as one on one time.

My sister-in-law Dawn, is having us all over for Thanksgiving this year. She inherited her Grandma's huge dining room table that seats about 20 people. She's been wanting to re-cover the dining room chairs and I told her I knew how to do it, so we set out to do them by Thursday. She brought two of them over the other night for me to show her how to do it, then she went home to take all the old covers and pads off the seats. She only made it through about 2 of them before she punctured her hand with a screwdriver. Jake went over to her house yesterday and brought all the old seats to our house so we could take the covers off for her (which Rick did while watching college football), then I covered them all last night. She was so excited (I know she wanted to help but with 2 little girls, a husband who has been hunting for a couple of weeks and a punctured hand I thought it would be better if I gave them back finished). She was thrilled. After she came and picked them up, she went straight home and put the chairs all back together. She says it looks like a new dining room set. I can't wait to see the finished product. I've always prided myself in knowing a little bit about a lot of things. Luckily, that was one of the things I know about.

I guess it's time for me to get off the computer, clean up the kitchen, then get my jammies on.

Love you more than all the turkeys purchased this month...

Dreaming Big,

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