Thursday, November 15, 2007

More photos...

When I'm not feeling well, I find myself challenging my abilities. Today for instance, I woke up with the intent to rest all day. Instead, I thought, what a waste of valuable time, so I set up the ironing board in the living room and ironed all morning. Rick has enough shirts to last him until Christmas (and I'm not kidding...) He thinks I bought him new shirts since it's been so long since he's seen some of them. :) After I was done ironing, I thought I would whip up a little meal, which turned into a big meal with lots of dishes to do. When will I learn? When will it be ok to just do NOTHING? I will say my cough doesn't seem to be so violent. Perhaps it's about to leave my lungs.

Rick is still feeling well since his chemo treatment (not even too fatigued like usual). I'm doing my best not to spread any of my germs on him. So far, so good.

Angie cut her finger last night on a broken bottle. She thought she had it under control, but this morning when she woke up it was still bleeding, so before she went to work, she got 3 stitches, a tetanus shot, a flu shot and some antibiotics for her cough so she didn't infect her parents. What a great way to start a day. I've hardly seen Amy since we got home from San Francisco. She's had lots of work to catch up on and she's been in Seattle for meetings the past few days. Jake has had his nose in the middle of correcting papers and getting ready for report cards all week so we've seen very little of him as well. I swear, we need to go on vacation just to spend quality time with our family.

Tomorrow I'll finally make it out of the house for a little bit (I have a massage scheduled). Thank goodness massage tables have a little hole where my face goes, otherwise I'd be coughing in my own face. And believe me...I don't want my germs.

I'm attaching a few more photos from our San Francisco trip. I've photo shopped them so we all look good :)

Love you more than all my blog entries (this is #476....)
Dream Big~

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Anonymous said...

Doreen, I think your entire family and member-to-be, Megan, should all quit your day jobs and just work full time as models for Pepsodent or Crest!!
Love you more than all those pearly white teeth you are all flashing!! Aunt Pammy