Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm here...coughing

I've really been slacking on the blog lately, Sorry :(

Monday night Rick and I stayed in Seattle so in case I could get in to see Dr. Eaton before Rick's appointment, we would be close by. It worked out perfectly. We got up early, got a call from the nurse and had an appointment for blood work at 10:15, a chest x-ray at 10:30 and an appointment with Dr. Eaton and Dr. Anderson at 11:30. The good news is I don't have pneumonia. I'm still coughing terribly, but it is due to a bad case of bronchitis. No infection, nothing new in my lungs. I have to watch this carefully and take it easy for a few days so it doesn't turn into something worse. Rick and I were both very relieved. I have an appointment next Wednesday as well. Hopefully, I'll be my old self again with just a case of lung cancer and nothing else.

Rick's chemo and tests all went well yesterday afternoon. It turned into a long day so we went to bed early last night. We both needed a good night's sleep. The next couple of days will show how his body likes this round of chemo, but until then, we'll just keep positive and stay happy (oh, and I'll probably cough every now and then).

When I close my eyes and think back on all the things I've done these past few weeks, I realize why I'm so tired and perhaps why I got sick. If someone had told me that I would get sick if I took all these adventures and opportunities I've been given...I would have done them anyway. If you can't LIVE. Why live?

I've got a pot of chicken noodle soup cooking on the stove. I'm not sure what the medical field would say about it's healing power, but I think it's very powerful. The love I put in it is worth about 2 bottles of Tarceva ~ and you know the value of that!

I'm going to attach some photos taken from our San Francisco trip. I hope you enjoy them.
The first one is of our family at the Gala, then it's Bonnie and Tony, then our day at the wharf with Michelle Stafford (from Young and the Restless) and Nancy Lee Grahn (General Hospital) and her daughter Kate. I have a lot more to share.

Dreaming (cough, cough) Big,

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CFCINA said...

Glad to hear that you have pneumonia. Lay low for a few days and take care of yourself & Rick.

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time in SF, the pictures are great!

Keep Dreamin' Big and Bloggin' when you can!

~ Kathy C.
A friend in Hillsboro, OR