Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day

Let's take the time today to thank a Veteran for our freedom. We don't have to like war, but we need to love our soldiers. I sure love mine.

I've been laying low today. It's almost 7:00pm and I still have my bathrobe on from this morning. This cough is kicking my behind so I've promised the family I'll meet up with Dr. Eaton or one of his colleagues tomorrow. I think I need to slow down a little bit. I've enjoyed all my little journeys, but perhaps home is where I need to be for a while.

We've been really lucky around here lately with the way Rick has been feeling. Tomorrow, we go back to reality and the next round of chemo. We're hoping that he does better with this round than the last 2. I think his body needed that 6 week rest. Now that he has more strength and is feeling so good, I believe he will tolerate this new batch of toxins better. Good thoughts...great results!

I'm going to get a bag packed (at the request of the kids) so...just in case one of us has to stay in the hospital, we'll have a change of clothes all ready to go. Who would help me get ready if not for these kids?

I haven't downloaded my camera yet so I don't have any photos to post. Hopefully, I'll have my act together by tomorrow night so you can enjoy our event. If you go on website you can see a copy of the program from the Gala. It's really nice.

Love you more than all the times I've said "I love you more"...

Dream Big,


Anonymous said...

Best wishes, love and prayers are going with you and Rick tomorrow!

Love from Karen in Oregon

CFCINA said...

Sending hugs & happy thoughts your way...Kathy C. (A friend in Hillsboro)