Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meltdown Mama....

After I signed off last night, I attempted to fall asleep. No such luck. At 5:00am I was still wide awake. So a couple of hours later, after a few lame attempts to get some shut-eye, I got out of bed. Then, I had what I'd like to call Mama's Meltdown. I cried. And cried. No real reason. I cried because I'm not working and my house is dirty. It should be spotless. But, it's not. I cried, because I was tired. But, I couldn't sleep. The holidays are coming. I'm very thankful for that. So I don't know why I was crying about that. It's now almost 6:00pm, I'm still exhausted (no sleep for the weary), I've done a little house cleaning, no idea what we're having for dinner (but you can bet it will be something easy) and my eyes are still teary. Is there a full moon?

Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment and I'm taking my folks along. Mom said she's buying lunch. That's what I love about taking my mom places with me. She always has lunch plans figured out before our original task is even complete.

Time to buck up and get tough. I'd better go now, I've got some work to do.

Love you more than all the Christmas music playing in stores already. I can't get jingle bells out of my head from my last visit to Costco.

Dreaming with big, wet eyes~


Anonymous said...

Dear Doreen,
I'm so sorry to hear your day was not your favorite. I talked to you today and you never let on.. You were only worried about Rick. As far as the house goes.. I have days like that and I don't even have the complications in my life that you do. My advice? start putting up the Xmas decorations.. you probably won't notice the dust bunnies as much. Have a nice time with your parents tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I love the font size of the blog! It's a nice preview of what it will be like with my NEW glasses! I can see :)

I agree with V, put the Christmas stuff up and ignore what won't be seen. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, enjoy your parent time.

Love -

Anonymous said...

Big ole bear hug to you Doreen - I really wish I could waive Sydney's little fairy wand sitting here and make it all better for you...tell you what - what the heck, I'll give it a try this morning and we'll just see! What can it hurt?! There, did you feel better? I love you more than all the princess paraphanalia (did I even come close to spelling that right?) in my home :)
Love you - Donna