Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rick's Diagnosis

We left early this morning for what we thought was a check-up for Rick and a routine chemo treatment. Instead, we found out he had neutropenia (very low white count) which puts him at a high risk for infection. While the oncologist was doing an exam, he found a very tender spot near Rick's incision, and saw that Rick's belly was bloated, so he decided to send him in for a CT Scan. The scan showed Rick had developed an infection in his colon at the original surgery location. All chemo has been stopped for 3 weeks until Rick's white count goes up and he is pain free. All of the symptoms are common side effects of the chemo he is on. Dr. Whiting explained that although Rick's infection is bad, once the medicine for the neutropeina takes hold (more shots in his abdomen) and the antibiotics do their job, the risk for further complications lessens.

We didn't get home until 5:00pm. My doctor's appointment is tomorrow, so I'll get to do this all over again in the morning. I'm going to mention to Dr. Eaton (my oncologist) that I don't have time for any of these added problems, so go ahead and renew my Tarceva prescription and we'll call it a day. Ok, I'll listen to what he has to say, but I really don't have the time or patience right now for anything new. I've got a husband to take care of, vacations to plan, and Wii to play. Illness is just not an option. There. I said it. I'm going to follow my own advice. I'm done with sick. I'm going with funny. Or silly. I'll let you know later how it's working for me.

It's time for me to head off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow.

Keep us in your prayers...

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

You are at the top of my prayer list always. I love you to the moon and back.


Anonymous said...

You and Rick are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Both of you just make me smile, you are both filled with so much love and courage. I even watched the Ellen tape again last night and that made me smile too. You guys are just good medicine.
Keep dreaming big, I think someone is listening!!


Anonymous said...


No need to ask. Your family is ALWAYS in our prayers.

Linda Z.

Anonymous said...

You are always in my thoughts. Keep fighting and keep playing!

Anonymous said...

It's never a question that the Schmitt's are at the top of a prayer list :)

Take care of eachother as you do so well, love,love,love you all.