Monday, October 22, 2007

Dealing with the side effects...

I had a busy day now that I'm back home (I should have stayed gone longer). Cooking, cleaning, laundry, went to work for a little bit to give some advice, had a meeting, the kids came over for football and dinner (they did the dishes) we had a good time, and now it's blog hour. I didn't even take a shower today....yuck!

I'm really looking forward to Rick's doctor appointment tomorrow (right before his chemo) so we can discuss what happening with his body. I know for many people sickness and chemo go hand in hand. Luckily, Rick and I have been very blessed. Watching Rick in pain, losing his appetite, and just an overall sense of feeling icky, makes me sad. When you know you can't do anything, it's the time you want to do EVERYTHING.

Oprah had a couple of amazing guests on her show today who are dealing with death. They both have cancer that is in stage 4. After watching it, I found that there are many of us who have joined the Life Bandwagon. One of the guests said it's incredible how people flock to help when you have a good attitude. I hope that's why you've all be there for me. As long as we're willing to keep learning how to live rather than how we're going to die, we can't help but be happy.

Love you more than Boston loves their RED SOX!

Dreaming Big,

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