Friday, October 26, 2007


Yesterday morning Rick and I got a call from our dear friend John Galbreath who wanted to stop by if we had the time because he had something for us. Time is all we've got, so we said come on over. I'll try to make this story short but it's very touching so I don't want to miss anything.

Last spring, John told me of a story where his son-in-law Adam (who is a glass artist - blower) helped each of his daughters and their cousins design a marble for themselves on their 100th day of school. The procedure is amazing and the girls now look forward to being a part of the process. John was talking about Rick and I to the their family one night and said he wanted to so something special for us. His granddaughters suggested they each make us a marble. So, John with his awesome camera, captured the entire process of each of the girls making their marble for Rick and I. He not only gave us the beautiful marbles from his darning granddaughters, but he also gave us a CD full of photos while they were making them. I'll attach a few for your viewing pleasure. These marbles represent so much more than a piece of blown glass and we are honored that we were the chosen ones to receive them. Thanks Galbreath/Smith family. I'll try not to every lose my marble :)

Last night as I was getting ready to write the blog, I had a coughing spell. So I went to bed instead. Since my flu shot on Wednesday, I've been feeling a few of the side effects. Almost like I have a low-grade flu. I know they say that can happen, and it's better than getting the full blown flu so if you are over the age of 50, work at a school or daycare, are around sick elderly people, you should have a flu shot. It only hurts (for a week - just kidding) and it's worth it in the end. (Doreen's weekly public service announcement) I still feel kind of cruddy this morning, but I'll get over it. A little cup of coffee, a phone call with a friend, and I'll be feeling like new again.

I know it's not officially winter for a month, but we woke up this morning to acres of frost and fog. The weather is beginning to change. Time to start making more scarves - and maybe, I'll move on to something new... like a hat?

Since I'm up and moving, I'd better think about completing some of the things I set out to do yesterday. I have some speaking engagements coming up so I should get serious about what I'm going to say. Nothing worse than an unprepared guest speaker.

I'll talk to you again tonight. Until then...Happy Friday!

Dream Big,

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