Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wasting Time

Rick finished his chemo around 1:00 this afternoon, but we can't see his doctor until 3:00. It gave us just enough time to go out for lunch then hit Seattle afternoon traffic. On the way home from SCCA we're going to stop by Northwest Hospital and check in on my boss. He had back surgery a few weeks ago and thought everything was going well until this weekend. They checked him into a room to run a bunch of tests. Hopefully, everything will turn out OK.

I'm sitting in the resource center at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance where you can find books, videos, brochures and whatever else a cancer patient or their family, friends might need. I hope you never need anything from this room. But, if you do, I'm sure you'll find it. I've been looking through all the bookcases for a cure. Still no luck. :)

I'd better go now so the next person in line can use the computer.

Love you more than all the cars on the freeway at 4:00 today :(

Dream Big,

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