Monday, August 20, 2007

16 months and 1 day

When the 19th of the month arrives...every month...I am pleasantly surprised. It was the 19th of the month when I heard "the news". I can't imagine a day coming any time soon when I'll worry about seeing the 19th of the month not arriving, but when that day does come, be assured that I enjoyed every month I shared with you.

I often tell you stories of how we should live, or love, or how we should make special time for our family and friends. But sometimes, I'm the worst one at following my own advice. I've found myself at work way too much. I'm not sure if it's because there is a lot of work to do, or if I'm able to hide in my office from what I have to face in the real world. Whatever the reason, I've put everything I love on the side burner of the BBQ right next to that beer butt chicken. If I've done this to you lately, I'm sorry. That's not just a general "oh yeah, I'm sorry". It really does come from my heart. I'm just not sure how to fix the way I am. Duct Tape, perhaps?

Rick has chemo tomorrow so we'll be heading down to Seattle in the morning. Sometime early next month they are going to scan him to see how the radiation and chemo have been working. I have my next scan this Friday. As usual, I'm a little anxious. Not worried. I just want it over so I know the Tarceva is still working. And... the traffic in Seattle is awful due to construction. But, there is always the perk of stopping at Dick's on the way home. You know, it's our little light at the end of the tunnel.

Have any of you played Nintendo Wii (pronounced we) ? First let me explain. I don't play video games. I don't hardly even play solitaire on the computer. But this weekend in Desert Aire, I played Wii. It is an interactive video game, that makes your muscles hurt, makes you sweat, keeps you laughing, brings out your inter-athletic ability (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating about the athletic part), but it is SO FUN. The problem is, you can't find them. Nintendo pulls you in...then only makes 5 of them per week. Ok, they probably make more than that, but I don't know who they're selling them to. My advice for the day, if someone invites you over for a Wii bit of fun, TAKE THEM UP ON IT. You won't be sorry.

I think it's time for me to get to bed. 6:00am will be here before I know it.

I love you more than all the files Teresa Haugstad made for me today at work (Thanks Teresa you were an angel)

Dreaming Big,

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