Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Telling Our Story

The American Cancer Society is holding a confernece in Reno on September 7th and 8th. Amy and Karen Hushagen were both invited because they are the Stanwood-Camano Relay for Life Co-Chairs for next year. I was also invited because I was one of the top fundraisers in our region. At first I declined the invitation because it is the first Friday of the new school year for me. I didnt think it was right to miss a day of school the first week. Then about two weeks ago Amy and I got "the email" that changed my thinking on this matter. It was from Amy Terich (from the American Cancer Society). She said that the ACS was asking that Amy and I tell "our story" at the regional conference in Reno. At first I thought she meant she wanted us to break into little groups and share our story with a couple of people. That is not quite what they had in mind... When the conference opens on Friday morning (September 7th) it will be opening with Amy and I speaking in front of 1,400 people. We will be telling the story of our family's battle, showing a slide show and inspiring others to find a way to get involved. Although we are both a bit nervous about this kind of public speaking we know everyone in the room is there for the same reason... to find a cure for cancer. That helps a little. Since receiving the email I have spoken with my Principal and he and the rest of my teaching staff fully supports this decision and have encouaged me to go. I wanted to share this exciting (but a bit scary) news with you dedicated blog-readers before I forgot.

I love you more than all the butterflies that I will have in my belly on September 7th-

Dreaming Big,


Anonymous said...

You both will do awesome!
Come on over if you want to practice in front of an audience...:)


Doreen said...

Were you going to tell your mother and father about this or were we going to have to read about it in the headlines?

We really wish we could be there to support you. Not to worry....You'll be in our hearts!

Love, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Please be sure and have pictures taken to share. We are all so proud of both of you!!
Denny, Cindy, Craig & Cody

Anonymous said...

Doreen and Amy,
Your story and everyday blogs are so inspiring to all of us. They will love you in Reno.

you go girls!!!

Love Beccy

Kevin Erickson said...

If you get nervous, just pull a Brady Bunch trick and pretend that all the audience is in their underwear. Actually, in Reno they just might be. You'll do fantastic. Please put five dollars on the Huskies to beat the Cougars for me while you're down there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Am & Ang,

Don't worry you'll be great! Have a great time and hopefully you'll get a few minutes to play the slots. Put a dollar on #19 at the roulette table for me. GOOD LUCK!