Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bubble Bath...

I'm sure someone could argue that a bubble bath is bad for your personal health, but I'm going to take one tonight for the mental heath benefits that it provides. A few candles, a new magazine, and lots of suds. "Wet Heaven" as I'm going to start calling it.

I stayed late at work again tonight. It felt good to get so much done without many interruptions. There is something about finishing a job and filing it away that gives me some inner peace. I've hung new photos of my family and really cleaned my office up. I hope I can have a more regular work schedule this coming year than I did last year. It's not that I "need" to work, but I love what I do. I love and miss my friends and the kids when I'm not there. Hopefully, we have the chemo routine down and we both keep our cancer in check so the year will be uneventful (or as uneventful as you can get in our case).

My back (side) is sore tonight so hopefully soaking in the tub will help. Rick is feeling great and has been working everyday. He still goes into work a little later than usual, but the extra sleep does his body good! I try to get extra sleep every day too, but all I get is dark circles under my eyes. How fair is that?

Heading off to bed early for a little extra beauty sleep.

When you wish upon a star...dreams come true :)

Dreaming Big,

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