Thursday, August 16, 2007

Do you like your chicken WELL DONE?

I stopped by the grocery store tonight because I didn't take anything out for dinner. I had a really nice time at the market because I ran into people I hadn't seen in a while. Seeing old friends is always a perk. While I was shopping, I decided I would make my ever so famous Beer Butt Chicken. I'm sure you've all had it. You set a whole chicken on can of beer or soda, then put it in the barbecue next to the flames. Do not put the chicken directly on the flames. Long story short, I've never fixed one of these chickens on our new BBQ so I figured how different could this new BBQ be? Ok, the new BBQ gets much hotter than the old one. Apparently, that's why we got rid of it. Attached is a photo of my chicken on the BBQ after 15 minutes. The inside is cold and if you look carefully, you'll see the flames burned the end of the chicken's leg off. Lucky for me, I had a back up plan for dinner.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's been an extra busy week with new bosses, meetings, conferences and the fall sport season starting. I think a dip in the river, a cold glass of wine and friends will fix me up.

I'd better get out to the BBQ before I have another disaster on my hands. If the second chicken burns, the next thing I'm making for dinner is RESERVATIONS.

Dreaming Big,

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