Sunday, July 08, 2007

Serious Packing

I have this problem when I go on vacation ~ I think I need to cook and clean everything before I leave. Jake and the girls are not going on this vacation with us, so I feel like I should make sure everyone and everything is taken care of while I'm gone. Today I fixed one of the kids favorite dishes, Chicken Divan (enough for all of them to share). I'm also getting ready to bake oatmeal cookies (they love my version). Amy and Angie live in their own houses but I still think I'm in charge of them. Is that just a mom thing?

Seriously, I need to start packing. Where do I begin? When we actually get to South Dakota, we'll be staying at the 80 acre farm my father in law bought a couple of years ago. No one lives's just for anyone to stay at if they're visiting the area (do people actually go to South Dakota just for the heck of it?). So, my sister-in-law Dawn and I are coordinating kitchen/meal stuff we'll be needing over the next week or so. I can't wait to try some of the German dishes my father-in-law always talks about. There will be lots of relatives back there, many who will be staying at the farm with us in their motor homes or in the house. I'm looking forward to childhood stories of Rick's Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I'm just hoping someone helps with the dishes. :)

On our way home from this journey, we are going to stop in Sturgis (so I can feel like a motorcycle mama). Hopefully, I won't come home with any new tattoos! (just kidding) Then, we're stopping by President's Rock (Mt. Rushmore), then through the Black Hills (where I believe they sell jewelry), then a detour through Disneyland. Ok, I was lying about Disneyland...but I figure after this trip you can call me Goofy.

Nothing new in the health department. Rick's feeling pretty good for all the stuff his body has been through, and I'm still coughing. Same cancer. Different day.

Love you more than all the locusts in South Dakota. (oh my gosh...are there locusts in the Dakotas? I think I saw a movie about that one time... ick!

Dreaming Large,


Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen,

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but I'll give it a try. I was looking around the web looking at lung cancer sites and found yours. I am 43yrs old and have stage 4 NSCLC. I was dx in Sept. 06. What caught my interest is that you are going to South Dakota. I am from SOUTH DAKOTA!! Yes...people do live there!! ha ha. I grew up in Rapid City and I now live in Sioux Falls. Where is the ranch you are going to be at? We are going out to the Black Hills next week also. I can't wait!! I just wanted to let you know I'm from SD and also going through this terrible cancer journey. Have fun on your trip!


Anonymous said...

You move me beyond words and make me laugh out loud when I read your entries.

Anonymous said...

"There's alot to think about, but nothing to worry about."