Monday, July 30, 2007

Quilt Unveiling Party Coming Soon

Oops, I got so busy doing errands and visiting with friends today that I forgot to make dinner. Not to worry. We still have leftovers from the birthday party and Cathy sent me home with some homemade chicken noodle soup. I'll just heat it up and act like I made it. :) I met up with Cathy this morning for coffee and we spent the day together marking things off our lists. It feels like an accomplished day.

Rick is feeling (and looking) so much better than he has. I think the extra week off from chemo was good for his body. I've been a little hoarse all day (it could be from talking too much, but I'm in denial about that).

I'm not done packing for tomorrow but that shouldn't take long. We don't need much. We're not going dining and dancing while we're over there. Just sleeping and sitting in a hospital. Well, I might do some "dancing" while Rick is in the hospital, somebody's gotta pay the bill. I'm just kidding. I just got a visual of me dancing...I'm sick about it.

The official unveiling of the "I love you more than"quilt is Sunday, August 26th at Bill and Jane Gum's house. If you're interested in attending call Pam Erickson at 652-0287 for more information. (or call Pam for a good time if you're a male between the ages of 45-75, tall and have good teeth ~ oh never mind about the teeth, she's got good dental insurance)
I forgot to tell you how much fun it was to Ride the Ducks in Seattle on Friday. Even though we we've lived in the Seattle area our whole lives, we learned things that only visitors get to hear about. We wore quacking whistles around our necks and made fools of ourselves. You would have quacked up if you had been with us. It was the best $25.00 we've spent for an hour and a half of entertainment.

Dream Big,

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Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see the quilt! I know that Jane put a lot of hardwork and LOVE into making it perfect. Thank you for loving my Mom.