Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lazy "Daze" of Summer

Today was just that. A Lazy Day! We (Rick, Jake and I) took our time around the house straightening up from yesterday's gathering. Amy is in Spokane for the week (she'll meet us at the hospital for Rick's radiation procedure), Angie went to the Mariner game and had a great day. She'll be going with Rick and I to Spokane on Tuesday. Jake is staying home to hold down the fort. I'd better think about packing, AGAIN. Honestly, we've had a revolving suitcase in our bedroom since May.

The the young folks in the photo below, are my parents. We can never catch them in the mood for a picture (or else my dad is somewhere building something so we can't find him for the shot)...But yesterday they were feeling photogenic. When my mom saw this photo, she said "when did my hair get so white"? I'm concerned that my mom needs to look in the mirror a little more often if this was a surprise to her. :) Just kidding.

Rick was very tired last night, but so happy to have spent the day the way we did. He is feeling rested today. Hopefully, he'll have a good day tomorrow as well so he'll be full of energy when we leave for Spokane. I'm feeling great. I don't think I heard myself cough all day. Now, if I can just keep this up for another 20 years...

Dreaming with my eyes wide open (I don't want to miss a thing),

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Anonymous said...


Been thinking about you and your family lately. I miss seeing your bright, smiling face!

Busy summer for us, getting my Jake ready for college (Go Cougs!) and flying a lot to pay for it! Hope to see you soon, and wishing you strength and joy!

Love you more than all of the summer travelers on my flights lately!

Julie H.