Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a great day it was...

First, I must apologize to my children. Before ANY gathering...I develop ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and my family takes the brunt of my outbursts. I just want everything to be perfect...and perfect is not attainable. I want there to be enough food, drink, games, chairs, smiles, clean forks, all the carpet strands to be standing upright (you can see where I'm going with this) What's important to know, is the people who stopped by today to wish Rick a happy birthday could care less about any of those things. They just wanted to share this day with us. But for some strange reason, this is the one lesson I can never learn. Take a deep breath, and just go with the flow, Doreen..

The weather was perfect for a party. Sunny, warm, with a breeze. My BBQ ribs turned out better than usual. We had guests until midnight. Rick got a fire pit for his birthday so we had to try it out. It was wonderful to sit around the campfire listening to music and chatting about the day. We really are blessed with amazing family and friends who are always here for us.

I sat on the back of Val Quillen's convertible Mercedes today and practiced my "Woman of the Year" wave for next weekend. I have a couple of options for waves. Screw in the light bulb, touch the pearls or the Price is Right, 2 handed, "pick me" wave. I'll keep practicing and see which one feels the best. Oh, and what will I wear? I need to lose 30 lbs by next Saturday. Any ideas how I can do that? Honestly, I'm looking forward to being chauffeured by Uncle Mel in his Corvette. I'll post photos next weekend.

We're tired tonight, but it's a good kind of tired. I'll write more tomorrow and post a few more photos.

Love you more than all the rice-a-roni in San Francisco!

Dream Big,

I've posted a photo of my ever so beautiful family that was taken this afternoon.

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