Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Radiation Eve - Wednesday, June 27

We're having a little blog problem. Apparently, every entry looks like I wrote it on Sunday. I've actually written one each day since I've been here, so until it gets straightened out, I'll put the date on the title line. This computer stuff is a lot of work. I need to hire my own personal webmaster (or whatever they're called). Oooh, Webmaster....sounds like a powerful position.

Sometimes we're given potholes on our road of life, and we can either take a different route or stay on the one we're on ~ but with caution. It's the journey I look forward to, so I'm staying on the road that I know and love so well only I'll take it slow and easy. Take the time to say "I love you, thank you, I'm sorry, "hey can I have one of your fries?" Just kidding about the fries...but please don't skip the dessert if it looks really good.

Though I'm anxious about tomorrow, Angie came to Spokane this afternoon to be here for her Dad and I. She's staying here with us at Bob and Dy's so, as you can imagine, they've made her feel right at home. I made dinner for us tonight again. Bob and Dy said they're starting to get comfortable having a cook around, so they might not let us leave. I get the better end of the deal. They always do the dishes. Bob noticed that I make a mess when I cook...but he said he wasn't complaining. The truth hurts sometimes....I dirty a lot of dishes/pots/pans...utensils. He I need my own cooking my spare time.

My emotions are under control a little more today. We had a restful night, didn't rush the morning, then I went to a mall close by to waste a little time. Rick stayed home and watched the Mariner game. I had so many nice e-mails today from all of you; sending me encouraging words, ideas on how to grow limes in our climate, words that made me laugh...a few that made me cry (but what's new?) You will never know how my spirit is lifted just by knowing what incredible people we have rooting for us.

I'd better get to bed before the sun comes up.

Hopefully, my husband will be glowing with radiation tomorrow after this procedure. I can tell you from experience, he's always been glowing in my eyes. Let's hope it works like planned. :)

Dream Big,


Janeen said...

"Webmaster" does sound like a powerful position but I think it may be a lot like the title "Copymaster". I know someone that had no problem giving up that position.

You and Rick have been traveling on a road that has more potholes than most, but you guys have such strong spirits that it's like you're driving in an armored humvee. (You know me and my visualizations.)

God Bless the Broken Road
AND....Bob and Dy.


Anonymous said...

My parents built a sun room off of their house just so they could keep a lime tree in this climate! Talk about dedication to enjoying a good margarita! :)


Amy T