Thursday, June 28, 2007

Surgery Update - June 28th

Dr. Lui said the surgery went as planned with only one little complication. Because of the chemotherapy, Rick's vessels are weak, so during the procedure, one of the vessels in his liver(nearest to the gallbladder) formed a leak. They are going to put him on blood thinners for the next month to keep his body from forming a clot where this hole is. They are watching his gallbladder to make sure it doesn't react poorly in case any radiation leaks on it. Rick has been suffering from a sore back since he got out of surgery and is now having stomach pains. They gave him some pain medication before we left the hospital for dinner. I just spoke with him before I got to Bob and Dy's and he said he's starting to feel better.

I am going to go back to the hospital soon to spend the night. I can't stay in the room with Rick because he has a roommate who had the same procedure today and under a black light, the room is glowing. Actually, they advised Rick not to sleep with me for 7 days and to stay within about 6 feet of people. He can give us a quick hug, but we're not suppose to be close to him for any length of time for the next week. It's going to make the ride home from Spokane a little difficult, but I think...what harm could a little radiation do me? As a matter of fact, it might even help. I'll be sleeping in the family day (or night) room tonight in a recliner. That way, I can check on Rick throughout the night and Angie will be fresh to relieve me in the morning.

I came back to Bob and Dy's after dinner to write a blog, brush my teeth, and put something comfortable on (I didn't say slip into something comfortable...I was thinking more along the lines of sweatpants). I hope you can all understand my gibberish tonight. I'm mentally and physically exhausted so I'd better say good bye for now, before I say something that can be used against me in a court of law.

Love you more than all the radioactive beads they put in Rick's liver today...and there were millions!

Dream Big,

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