Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blog 101

I've been sitting on the floor of the computer room assembling silverware in a napkin and tying it with a ribbon for a banquet on Tuesday night. I asked Jake to write the blog tonight since I was already doing a job. He insisted that you don't get on here to learn about his day but rather, mine. So here goes.

I had a take care of Doreen day. I slept in while my boys went outside and worked. After I got cleaned up, I met my friend Cathy in town for a Starbuck's (someone was sitting in our overstuffed chairs...we almost had to use brute strength to get them out of it...but they finally left on their own), I had a semi-pedicure (I had them be very gentle and I only have 7 nails left so it didn't take long), did a little grocery shopping, then came home to get ready for Alyson Piccolo's graduation party. While I was out and about today, my dear friend MaryAnne brought a banana creme pie by the house. I think it's suppose to be for my dad, but we all had to try a piece (just to be sure it wasn't poisonous). It was amazing.

When we got home from the party, I made beef stroganoff for dinner (Jake's 2nd favorite dish, but tonight's version might have been my best ever), then I watched the movie "Queen" while the boys watched the Mariners. As much as I love being the "Queen", the movie didn't do anything for me.

Today when I was at the store I must have run into 10 people I hadn't seen in a long time. It's always nice to hear that they think I'm looking well (even when I'm not) and I think it makes others feel better just to see me in person. We're always more assured that someone is doing well when we can see it with our own eyes. That's why I look in the mirror when I get up in the mornings....I say, "yes is going to be another great day, but please do something with that hair of yours".

Love you more,
Dreaming Big Dor

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