Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flu bug hit...

I woke up this morning with achy joints, a sore throat and feeling kind of cruddy. I think I may have caught a little flu bug so I'm going to lay low today. I have plenty of things to do in the house (work on banquet stuff, take a nap, vacuum, fold some clothes). I had a couple of graduation parties to attend but I think I'm going to call and send my best wishes instead.

I'm not worried about me getting sick, I'm just worried that Rick will catch it from me. If he's sick, he can't take chemo. That sounds stupid. Of course sick people get chemo. That's why they get it, because they're sick. I mean, if he gets a cold or flu and his blood count drops, they won't let him have the chemo until his numbers come back up. That makes more sense. I think!

By the way I'm writing, it sounds like I may also be a little delirious. If I sound like a goof today, please disregard this message. I'll write more tomorrow when I'm feeling better (or smarter).

Love you more than all the blogs I've written,
Dream Big ~ Dor

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Anonymous said...

I went to see Mom and Dad tonight and spent some time cuddling with Mom. She was worried about getting me sick but that is the least of my concerns. Sometimes I feel like my "battery" can be "re-charged" in a short period of time when I am around my mom. I was exhausted when I got to their house but after a little back massage and some time spent spooning on couch I felt much better. Thanks for our quality time Mom.

Love you,