Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What a wild week it has been...and it's only Tuesday!

First let me get this out on the table (my mom and dad are really proud and they're telling eveyone- so I'll let it out of the bag). I was nominated for the Stanwood-Camano Woman of the Year...and I won. I'm not sure what my role will be. Hopefully, nothing as demanding as Miss USA. I will be wearing my crown a little more often, hopefully I'll get a seat in our local restaurants (without a reservation), I'll have to behave myself when I'm out in the public. Oh, and I get to ride in a nice car during the Stanwood-Camano Fair Parade in August while giving the queen wave. Now, we will not talk about this again. I am however very honored. :)

Secondly, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but our local newspaper reporter called and asked if she could do an article on our family. She said her editor had given her the story idea. So, we (I) agreed and today we're on the front page of our local paper (With a color photo...this is big time). The important thing about this article is that the reporter got it. She listened to our vision, our concerns, our joys and she turned it into a beautiful story about cancer awareness. If you want to read it, either purchase a Stanwood-Camano News for only 75 cents or go online to: scnews.com and click on the story called Doreen's Dream ~

After work today, we met Bill Gum (Captain Bill as he prefers to be called), leader of the Rick and Doreen's Dandies Relay Team. He decided to hold a motivational meeting at Amigo's (local mexican restaurant) to get his team working on their fundraising. I came to the meeting as the token woman (of the year). We had a great time visiting, laughing (oh and brainstorming) I tried my speech out on all of them for Sunday (and I ended up with a table of crying men). Perhaps, I need to lighten it up a little if I made grown men cry? How do people survive in this world without a community and friends like mine? I love you all!

It really has been a long week at work and today is only Tuesday. I may need a little break by Thursday...but I'll wait and see. Who knows, I might wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to go! If not, I'll wake up exhausted and cranky and I'll go to work anyway. I'm sure they'll love that at the office.

Love you more than all the autographs I'll have to give now that I'm the Woman of the Year...
Just kidding...we're done talking about it. RIGHT NOW!

Big Dreamer,


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a great article. Your family is an incredible force.

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you!! The cream always rises to the top!!
love ya lots
Denny, Cindy, Craig & Cody

Anonymous said...

You have been the Stanwood - Camano Woman of The Year since the day I've know you. I'm so happy that you finally got the trophy after all these years. I love you.
Debbie in So Cal